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Collection of poems

The collection is as Elise did it. In the end of her life, in front of the writings that it has been giving her to compose, she decided to do a logic classification. The collection resulted in a first private edition that was distributed shortly after her death to the other people in the fraternity of the sick people, and also to the friends of her in the parish.

Today we have reached the second public edition! Have a nice reading of the beautiful words of Elise!

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The short film

The short film, in its first version, was made to match the 50th anniversary of Elise’s death. Le second version continued the same aim, and was amplified by new documents discovered recently.
In addition to propose the listening of four texts of Elise, the short film also contains the first written testimonies of her holiness at the moment of her death in 1964.

That is why it is so important to make Elise, by all means, known today.

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In order to do a gift to the diocese for the costs of the beatification process, you can directly go on the diocese’s webpage (in french).

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