The entity

Our entity, which depends on the Association Diocésaine de Sens, aims to promote Élise Bisschop and her cause of beatification.

The entity operates under the responsibility of Brother Dominique-Marie MORSTAD, postulator of the cause of beatification of Élise Bisschop and vicar of the parish of Sainte Pallaye in the Yonne. The parish includes the villages of Trucy-sur-Yonne (birthplace of Elise) and Mailly-le-Château (where she grew up and died).

We do our utmost not to prejudice the canonical judgment of the Catholic Church on the recognition of the virtues of Elise.

Our goal

The goal of the site is to continue all the activities undertaken around Élise since 2007. We wish to make known its contribution to the life of the Church as well as the French culture in general.

All revenues generated by our various actions will be used to fund new products. These products will be primarily intended to convey Elise's close connection to the gospel and how her testimony can help believers live their faith today.
No personal enrichment is envisaged, our sales are non-profit.

Our engagements

1. Quality products

2. Reliability and availability of our customer service

3. Respect for French law and all the rules in force for e-commerce